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RFID TRACKINGÖFuturistic Consumer Buying

When you read this article, you probably will think that it sounds like something that is out of reach, or something that is no where in the near future. After all, it does sound like something out of a spy novel. However, the use of RFID tracking is entering the consumer market place gradually and most likely this term will become as popular as the Internet, which only became a household word as little as 15 years ago.

Letís talk about whatís going on now, and then maybe youíll understand what could possibly be in a few years. Currently, the states of Georgia, California, Illinois, and Florida all have incorporated toll passes to those that frequent their highways on a regular basis. These toll passes contain RFID tags, a small chip that is read from a remote location, in this instance- in the pavement. As the vehicles cross through the toll plaza, the tag information is used to debit the toll from a prepaid account. Thatís a fact- itís happening now and most likely other states will adopt this same RFID tracking system, too. It just saves time and eventually will save manpower- which means saving money.

Now, letís apply that same RFID tracking chip to every item in the grocery store or even your local Wal-Mart; where in all honesty, will most likely be the first place these tracking devices will show up. Imagine entering the store, filling up your buggy with various items, and never having to stand in a long line again. Sensors will read the exact contents of your bags and debit your prepaid account or most likely your checking account. No more checks will be needed, no more check out clerks will be needed, and no more long annoying lines- saving you time and the retailer lots of money. Even a complex inventory and daily re-stocking of shelves can be done quickly and easily- just by simply applying RFID chips into all products and sensors throughout the store. Now, youíre getting the picture.

This issue has raised several concerns from consumer watch dog groups regarding a personís privacy. Not only will these items tell the story of your spending habits, but if the sensors are placed in the right places, can in fact- track them at your home. Most likely, most people could care less if the manufacturers know that you eat six candy bars a week or that you use 8 rolls of toilet paper within a 7 day period. But otherís find that the realm of this technology could possibly make RFID tracking the spy chip of the future- and that just makes people angry.