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RFID Technology - What's it all about Alfie? Just kidding folks, you can read all about what RFID is and what is in store for us in the future.

RFID Books - Read all about RFID and how it will affect you. These books explain it all. If you are about to implement RFID you should read up and order a book. You will be able to explain it to the boss why you need RFID.

RFID Tag - What is a tag? Active or Passive what is that? We explain it all in layman's terms

RFID Chip - This is the what a chip is all about. It isn't much just a little antenna.

RFID Reader - You need this to read your RFID tags. Actually most readers set out an electromatic field that the chips respond to.

RFID Company - This is who makes this stuff. What stocks should you buy that use RFID?

RFID Articles

You can read more about this on our RFID articles page. We explain or try to explain RFID so you can show management why you should have it.

Wal-mart and RFID
Most companies will be using this before long. Wal-mart is just setting the standard for RFID applications.

RFID Info - Where can you find out about RFID and where it is used.

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