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Add The RFID Search Engine To Your Custom Google Homepage

I know you are probably saying "What is a RFID search engine?" Let me explain as if you are in the RFID industry you will like this feature. Google has a program called Co-op that allows users to make their own search engine in an industry or topic that they know a lot about.

I have created the RFID Search Machine to allows people to look for exactly what they need by searching through the best of RFID websites and only RFID related websites.

This eliminates any non RFID answers as it only can be updated by people that know about RFID. If you have a custom Google homepage just click on the banner to add the RFID Search Machine to your homepage.

Add to Google  

If you don't have a custom Google homepage you are missing the boat in my opinion. I have a custom page that pulls information from all the leaders in the industry. I am updated in real time to breaking stories and what is new in RFID. The RFID search engine is also located on the bottom of each page on this site.