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RFID Stocks To Keep an Eye On In The Future

Wal-Mart has been using this technology for over two years now and recently mandated that their top 100 vendors do the same. Even the United States Government has found solitude in the RFID technology arena and many health care facilities are implementing the technology, not to mention, countries…yes, even countries; currently there are several countries that use an E-passport, these electronic passports also feature a special RFID chip. Realizing the potential of RFID stock, I decided to research my options and several companies that have made names for themselves in the RFID world.

First, let me say that this article is for informative information only and in no way, shape or form am I endorsing a certain company or vice versa. I simply did a little research and frankly recommend anyone thinking of diving into the RFID stock world to do the same.

One must first understand that the RFID industry is growing rapidly, the big name companies have finally decided to join in and many of these companies are making RFID hardware for businesses as well as there trademark products. For instance, 3M, which is famous for their “Post-it-Notes”, is getting in on the RFID market as well as Texas Instruments and even the UPS and Oracle. I am sure you seen the tv commercial for IBM that has RFID tags as the main subject. A complete list of companies that are currently involved with creating and manufacturing RFID technology can be found at www.rfidinvesting.com

There are a few companies, mostly those that are unheard of to the plain man that specializes in RFID technology and hardware, not to mention software. But these companies are risky to the average man, as well. But if you’re truly interested in a RFID company and RFID stock that is making a name for them selves; the most mentioned names like Zebra Technologies, Symbol Technologies, and Unova has appeared in several blogs and recent RFID money and news links, including www.moneycentral.msn.com.

There is an increase in placing these chips in cell phones. I just read an article all about how Nokia will be using chips and readers so people can use their cell phone to pay for items in retail stores. That sounds promising for sure. As I read more I will be posting more information.