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Using RFID Tags For Security at New York Airports

I was just watching Fox news on television and they were talking about the badges that the contractors have at airports. Because of the recent plan to blow up the fuel lines leading to the New York City airports they were talking about security. It got me to thinking about how they can prevent security breaches from contractors that were fired by the company that employed them.

One of the specialist was talking about how they don't have a plan in place to deactivate the id card that a contractor would use to get access to the property. He went on to say that there should be a fine in place charging the contractor $10,000 a day for each id card. Within seconds of the employee being removed from service or fired the employees access will be turned off and they would not be able to get past the RFID reader after the card is turned off.

It is apparent to me that they are not using RFID for security purposes. There is no excuse for not having an id tag system in place now that the cost has dropped down over the years. Not only each person should have one embedded in their ID card they can also tag trucks. It would create a much more secure area than having a guard standing there looking at an ID badge.

If a company like Wal-Mart can track every truck at any time it comes and goes from a loading dock I am sure that you can track a truck and/or person. It sounds simple enough doesn't it, but yet it is not done. It might be a good time to take some of the money that Homeland security is using to protect land in Montana and use it for a better purpose.

It amazes me in the first place that a contractor had enough access to learn about the inner workings of the fuel supply system at JFK. You would think that it would be a top secret thing.

I am also amazed that you can use mapping software online to map out an attack on a airport or any important structure at all. I think we may have to look at maybe blocking this information online.

I don't see any benefit to having a map of the Buckeye pipeline for all to see online. Sure you can talk about it and what it does but to have an actual map and details on how it runs through Brooklyn is just crazy. In this day and age there is no good reason to have this information online.

Getting Access To Airports Off Limit Areas

There should be a better plan in place for access to the airports all over the country. It would be impossible to not have contractors in place working at the airports but maybe we need to take a better look at their employees.

Maybe before you are allowed to hire someone with access to off limit areas at an airport you need to have a full background check and maybe even be bonded. In the meantime we need to use some sort of tracking of employees coming and going at major transit hubs.

The new passports have RFID chips in them so should the ID badges and the trucks that have access to airports.