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RFID Readers and the different types for all purposes

RFID readers can be used for many different things in many different environments. You can also get readers in many different forms. There is portable reader, fixed readers, mountable readers, like I said they come in all shapes and sizes.  

You will need RFID readers if you are going to track anything from asset management, access control, compliance tracking, personal vehicle identification, inventory management and vehicle identification.

Portal RFID readers - These are placed on the loading dock as the pallets get unloaded the portal reader reads the RFID tag on the pallets as they are removed by a forklift or by hand.

Overhead RFID reader - works the same was as a portal reader but instead of being registered as the pallet leaves the truck it is taken under the overhead reader which reads the tag.

Forklift RFID reader - These mount on the top of the forklift and can read the pallets as they are being removed from a truck.

Hand held RFID scanner - these readers can be used by employees to scan RFID tags on practically anything. If you are thinking of getting a hand held scanner consider getting one that can write to a RFID tag. It will save you money in the long run.

Conveyor belt readers - As things move down a conveyor belt they pass by the reader and it logs the information in the computer.