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RFID Questions that we have received in email some are funny and scary

When I started this site I would never think about getting e-mail, it was an afterthought. Now we get about 50 pieces a day asking us all types of questions. While the people that send this stuff in are serious it just shows that people are thinking about how RFID might effect them.

I must say that there are some RFID applications that might happen but some are out there. My favorite came from a guy named George from Cleveland who asked if they are going to put RFID tags on sewer gratings so they can measure how much rainwater goes down the drain. While I am sure someone cares about rainwater runoff I am not so sure that this is what RFID was invented for. 

While that one is kind of out there the letter we got from Jennifer from Georgia asking if they are going to use RFID in womens undergarments. She is scared of the possibility that an ex boyfriend or a rapist could track her by using a RFID reader because a tag might be left in her bra. Now I am sure that They are already using some sort of RFID on clothing I sent her an e-mail back telling her it is not currently possible unless she was within a few feet of someone carrying a reader. I told her that if someone was carrying a reader she would be able to see him so not to be worried.

Although it is not possible now I am sure that with new tags and satellite tracking this could be possible. It would work the same way that military dog tags will work in the future.

Those are just two of the more outrageous emails that we have gotten. I am sure that as RFID is on the news the more weird questions we will have. If you have a question feel free to send us an E-mail.