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RFID is coming to poker chips and a casino near you in the near future

So there is a patent to put RFID chips in poker chips what will they think of next. You just never know where RFID will show up next. This will save the casinos money from counterfeit chips and also make sure that the big winners are not cheating the system somehow.

I am always amazed at the way casinos think but this takes the cake. They will also be able to track a gamblers habits and further use that information against the gambler if they wanted to. The company that filed the patent is called Shufflemaster and they are located in Las Vegas (big surprise there).

Think of what they could do with this if they embed RFID readers in all the poker tables in the world. The dealer will have a lot less responsibility and even though it rarely happens the dealer could not steal anything as the chips will all have to be accounted for and they could monitor each table carefully.

The good news in all of this is that RFID could also track your casino comps better. With time they could eliminate the poker chip altogether. They could just use a smart card to track your bets. It is not that far of a thought at all.

It will also stop thefts from happening during a dealer switch as the chips will have to stay where they are on the table or in the dealers bank. Each poker chip will have their own little code so they could trace it back at any time. Shuffle Master is highly regarded in the casino world as they have come up with revolutionary technology before.

Update 5-12-05

From what we have heard the new chips are already in action in the new Wynn casino on the Las Vegas strip.