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There are basically two different types of RFID Manufacturer companies to consider when discussing RFID systems, those that make RFID Hardware and those that make RFID software. In order to have a complete and good system, the two may go hand and hand or you may opt to use one manufacturer for the hardware and a computer programming company to tweak your software. No matter your choice, you will find that the number of both types of RFID manufacturers is growing rapidly across the globe.

Entering the RFID arena is such big names as Texas Instruments, Oracle, and UPS. Other smaller and mid line companies such as Alien Technology and Avery Dennison specialize in RFID tags, and then there are manufacturers like Precision Dynamics Corporation that believe the niche for RFID is in the health care world. Most of these companies specialize in some type of field be it retail labeling, RFID wristbands, and badges, etc…A complete list of RFID manufacturers and companies that make and sell software for RFID business entities can be found at www.rfidinvesting.com. Although this site is for the RFID investor, it does have a complete list of companies and manufacturers along with detailed information on what niche and services these RFID businesses can supply to the public.

Here are a few pointers when considering an RFID manufacturer. First, look for a manufacturer that has a good past record, check with them regarding current customers and ask if you may contact them for a reference. Second, compare costs with other RFID manufacturers that offer the same services. Third, always ask questions regarding their current RFID systems and what they may have in research and development, as well as any type of free consultation or training they may offer your employees. Lastly, you may want to consider customer support and technician availability- if you’re going to pay high dollar for a fast and quick inventory system using RFID, and then something goes wrong, you don’t want to wait days for tech support.