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RFID and Circuit City

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RFID Circuit City is using RFID tags

RFID technology seems to have found it's way to some major electronic retailers sooner than expected. The other night I was shopping for a wireless router and Wi-Fi card for my laptop. I went into the local Circuit City and bought a new Linksys wireless router as well as a Linksys notebook Wi-Fi card and some other computer components and stuff.

After I came back home and hooked it all up and got it working right (works great BTW) I started to fill out the rebate forms " I hate them things" and low and behold there was RFID tags inside the Linksys boxes. I only noticed this because I had to cut out the bar codes to send in with the rebates. The RFID tags were square and about 2 inches by 2 inches maybe a little smaller.

Who knows what other products at Circuit City has these RFID tags is anyone's guess but I am sure they will become more and more as time goes on. Now my question is are these RFID tags still tracking in my house? I know that it isn't possible now but with RFID getting smarter every day you never know. I wonder what the Privacy advocates think about this subject of when a RFID tags stops tracking. We will be having more on this subject as we go along as more and more retail stores start using RFID tags.   

I was really surprised that RFID tags were on the inside of the Linksys boxes because they still had bar codes. If you think about it these boxes are probably easy to shoplift as they are kind of on the small side especially the Wi-Fi Card box. I am sure that the same boxes are tagged in Wal-mart also.

Most stores will be implementing this technology as it will save them money in inventory control for years to come. Less employees equal more money for the boss that implemented RFID in the first place.