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RFID applications - What will it take in the retail marketplace for market acceptance

When radio frequency identification came to be there were many skeptics that doubted that it would be in use any time in the near future.

While in some terms they were correct in many ways they were just flat out wrong. RFID acceptance in the marketplace has grown and will continue to grow on a steady pace. This of course all hinges on RFID manufacturers finding a way to reduce the price on low cost RFID tags.

Some other important factors are cost reduction when it comes to RFID infrastructure such as printers, networks, and readers. Over time when more and more major retailers realize that RFID will save them both time and money over the long run they will save money.

A major headache such as employee theft will be cured when stores make RFID solutions a priority. RFID shop lift prevention systems will take the place of a few store security jobs as management can cut the jobs and use that money towards more RFID technology.

Another problem is the acceptance of a global standard when it comes to which type of technology will be the main one in use. Many stores are scared to invest in a technology that will be useless when it comes to adapting towards future growth. Remember the Betamax VCR!

Currently the airline industry does not know which type of system to use when it comes to luggage tags. If they don't come to a certain decision on which type to implement soon the smaller airlines that invest in the wrong technology will find themselves in a big debt on useless equipment.

No manager wants to give a report on how his department made the error in buying expensive tags that are now worthless to the company. We all know what happens to the head of that department.

The transportation industry has many uses for RFID from fare collection to using RFID for scheduling. You may have seen my article on the breeze card that is being used in Atlanta.