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RFID In The Pharmaceutical Field

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RFID: The Pharmaceutical Future

Although, many manufacturing and business entities find themselves diving into the RFID arena, others are still hesitant about the pros and cons of the process. Fortunately, many of the major drug companies find themselves implementing RFID Pharmaceutical labeling into their daily routines, and with good reason.

Unlike the food market, most pharmacies must take stock of their items in a very extensive and accurate manner. Much time is spent on accounting for the amounts of medicines and pharmaceuticals that these drug stores carry. The use of RFID Pharmaceutical labeling has proven to be a cost efficient and reasonably faster means to this end. In fact, the Federal Drug Administration recommended that all item level prescribed drugs on the US market be RFID tagged. This type of tagging can save lives, reduce theft and unlawful acts, provide more responsive customer care, and provide the drug companies with faster lanes for recall integrity.

According to recent forecasts presented by the research group, IDTechEx, their findings for potential marketing for pharmaceutical tagging at item levels was somewhat astounding. This scenario represented both the US and foreign market over a period of 4 years. While in 2006, the USA will most likely only tag approximately 35 million drug labels and foreign markets even less; only four years later, projections are made that reveal the entire US Pharmaceutical market, as well as Europe, and East Asia will have RFID coding on all drugs. Furthermore, there may even be some type of RFID labeling on some over-the-counter drugs.

It is believed that the newest niche in RFID labeling are those associated with the Pharmaceutical world; only accounting for 30% of the market share in 2006, this percentage is forecasted to double within the next 4 years. No where else can RFID technology save so many lives and prevent harmful situations, furthermore, the use of RFID pharmaceutical labeling will prevent theft, track dangerous drugs, and those that choose to abuse them.