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Paranoia and Security With RFID

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RFID Security Paranoia Is All Around Us

All I am reading about lately is how bad RFID is. Last week in my local newspaper was a story about a guy that destroyed a credit card with a hammer because he felt big brother was watching him because his credit card had a RFID chip in it. All I could do was contain myself from laughing.

There is a growing number of people that are becoming more weary of their privacy as RFID becomes mainstream. I don't worry too much about it myself as I have not seen any evidence at all that I could be tracked from a distance. My job issued new I'd cards that that use to access the property and in the near future they will be using it for time keeping.

I am not really concerned about them using RFID for tracking the payroll because I am one of those good employees that is always early and leave a little later than most. There is a lot of concern from the employees that are always running late and skimping out of the office before quitting time.

I think the media hype and word of mouth have given RFID a bad name before half the people even know what it is and how it works. I get all sorts of emails with a picture of a RFID chip asking me if the satellites can track this type of chip. Why people send me this stuff I have no idea.

People love to zip through the toll gates but they don't know that it is RFID that makes that happen. The also like the convenience of swiping their gas card at the pump once again they don't question how that is done.

Like I said before it is the media and word of mouth that get peoples minds going. Half the stuff I see on television is not accurate and if it was it would be really expensive to implement. Some times I sit back and laugh at the erroneous reporters and even more when the anchorman ask the reporter a question and it is apparent they don't have a clue about RFID.

I really get a kick when they bring up 1984 and how big brother is watching our every move. I know that I lead a boring life and they government has nothing better to do then watch me. That just makes me laugh.

Some people are showing concern over who has access to your details that are stored on the chip and that is going to cause more problems in the future.