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Oracle Joins the RFID Industry

Oracle and Sybase Throwing their hat into the RFID Ring

Oracle and Sybase have announced that they are throwing their hat into the RFID industry. This doesn't surprise many industry insiders since Sybase acquired Xcellenet which is a remote management based software vendor.

Sybase has used the technology they acquired to build RFID middleware. According to Sybase it was called RFID Anywhere. This has the ability to scan store shelves and read the contents. This hasn't exactly worked as planned but it is getting better. Sometimes you could scan a shelf many times and get many different readings.

RFID Anywhere also monitors the RFID network itself to make sure everything is in fine working order and allows supervision to download firmware updates. This makes it easy for software management among many computers.

RFID enterprise is the integration layer that takes the RFID data from the RFID reader and sends it into enterprise applications and makes it easy to read in a human readable format.

Oracle is joining the RFID solutions industry when they announced that they are partnering with Intel to develop something they are calling "service-oriented enterprise" or "SOE framework" so they can deploy RFID within the enterprise.

Since Oracle is a leader when it comes to databases and database applications this is another huge step forward for RFID.