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The Latest On RFID In The News

So what’s up in the world of RFID, you ask? Well, perhaps the biggest upward movement in RFID news is the forecasts and trends for the upcoming years. Yes, that’s right, if you’re riding the RFID train, you probably already know what I’m going to tell everyone, but it’s looking very promising and even better profitable.

Let’s take RFID mandates into consideration; Wal-Mart currently has required that their top 100 suppliers use RFID labels for ease of supply chain management. As well, our very own Department of Defense requires that any vendor that stands beside them, must as well, use RFID tags on their shipments. Because these two organizations are so large and their companies affect so many other manufacturers and suppliers, there is no doubt that the future use of RFID tags and chips will skyrocket.

As well, the use of RFID devices can be proven beneficial in the healthcare world at several different levels. First, these chips can be used on ID cards that limit the observation of patient records to only authorized personnel. Second, these RFID chips can play a major role in helping those that are visually handicapped, for example, the talking prescription can give the blind and disabled their exact directions and dosage, as well as warn them of potential hazards. Lastly, the RFID device has shown great promise in the field of corrections. Currently many states, including, Ohio and Michigan, as well as California and Illinois use these types of chips to keep track of inmates out on work release or on parole.

Other major RFID news…money can be made in the niche market…what’s that you ask? Think about it, this is an identification system and with the world in such turmoil regarding terrorist activity, what better niche then that of the passport or ID market. In fact, several countries, including Pakistan, Norway, Malaysia, and New Zealand are currently using RFID tags on their passports.

Other niche markets, like the food industry, and more particular, the livestock and meat industry, may find themselves in the RFID arena. Currently, Canada uses the RFID system to track livestock and herding identification.

New York City has just begun testing RFID chips in a Contactless card along the Lexington Avenue line as a method of fare collecting. Although the test is being done on a limited basis I am sure that it will be accepted as a way to pay your fare as I see more riders taking to this as it is easier way to pay. It is based on the same SmartLink cards that is being used in New Jersey Path trains. Using a card is becoming more popular than ever. You can read all about me using one on the Atlanta subway.


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