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Where Will RFID Show Up Next? Only Time And Lower Cost Will Tell

If you have been following the latest in RFID you will know that it has shown up in quite a few unexpected places lately. Sure putting it on a pallet or forklift is becoming old hat in the supply chain management circles. As the RFID supply chain changes or I should say expands into new sectors we will be seeing it added to a lot more products.

We have bought Gillette razors that have had tags in them so they could be popping up in more unexpected places. The cost of RFID tags has dropped over the last few years and as the cost justifies the purchase more and more RFID will become a way of life just like we are seeing bar codes used since the mid 1970's or so.

We can see RFID being used in many applications such as firefighting or police work. Think about it the alarm that most firefighters carry with them for when they become lost or worse unconscious. By placing a RFID tag in the coat or on the alarm itself and placing a reader on every fire truck could help get firefighters out of a burning building in an emergency. This will come in time as RFID technology gets better.

They are now starting to equip busses with RFID tags and placing some sort of tracking device at bus stops so they can inform riders when the next bus will arrive. That is a godsend to anyone taking public transportation, especially in the dead of winter. Another RFID application is being used in Atlanta with their breeze card on the Marta.

The new Wynn casino in Las Vegas is suppose to be the first casino to use RFID in poker chips, wonder where else they are using it?

We will be updating this page as we find more applications where we see
RFID in place.