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Human Radio Frequency Identification

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Human Radio Frequency Identification

Everyone wants to know what will happen once they start putting Human radio frequency identification into humans. Well let me tell you there are rumors that soon they will be starting to put them into humans for medical reasons. A company called Verichip has developed an RFID tag that can be implanted into a patient.

This new RFID chip is the size of a grain of rice and can hold all types of information on the patient. Once this is implanted in the patients arm it will be impossible for anyone to misplace the patients medical history.

Although the FDA is reviewing this as this page is being written there have been reports that Italy has begun using these chips. These RFID chips have a life expectancy of about 20 years. The patient receives the chip by syringe and it is supposedly done as an outpatient procedure.

This technology has been around since 2001 but is just being used more frequently. There are also many reports of uses of Verichip technology in Mexico as well as Portugal. These developments are very exciting to the RFID world as well as the world of science. Read more about Verichip and this amazing technology.

Like I said RFID technology will change the world or at least make it a little different. In which way good or bad it is to be seen. You can read all about different RFID articles here.