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RFID Generation 2 Standard is Coming Soon To an International Port Near You

RFID has not even grown up yet but we are starting a second generation already. Starting April 1, three of the leading companies in the RFID market, Intermec, Metro Group and Royal Philips Electronics, announce they had jointly developed an RFID chip that complies with industry body EPCglobal’s Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Electronic Product Code Class 1 Generation 2 (G2) standard. The new chip also complies with specifications from the International Standards Organization (ISO).

This is a big step towards unified standards when it comes to UHF RFID and will surely offer improved performance to current technology already in place.

These G2 compliant systems will also have password protection and encryption that will allow data to be stored safely on the tags. Because of this RFID will become more internationally adapted as items can be shipped from one port to another and tracking systems will be the same or similar in all ports.

All this is expected to happen in the fall of 2005 as companies will be switching from the current G1 systems that are in place already or companies adapt to the new technology.

RFID will surely be on everyone's lips when this standard comes into being as the RFID at this point as been used mostly in the United States. Mostly for tracking inventory in big name stores like Wal-Mart and Circuit City. Most companies look to Wal-Mart as a leader in RFID as they got a good jump on the competition by setting a standard.