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Many businesses are familiar with barcode technology, it’s been around for years and has enabled you and your employees to save time and effort when it comes to inventory and pricing. But now, imagine being able to use simple technology to do an inventory in less than 5 minutes even weekly or daily if you want, too. That’s exactly what radio frequency identification allows a business to do. If you think that an RFID solution like this is right for your business, consider the following prior to taking the plunge.

In most businesses, the information and technology needs to be available to only that particular company or business, this is called a closed loop system. And there are many RFID systems popping up all over that utilize these closed loop systems, it’s pretty simple to install and the technology needed to run these systems is becoming more popular as the years roll by. If you plan on networking your RFID system, for example with vendors, you will need to probably consider the big picture, overall costs, planning, etc…

If you are a business that carries very expensive items or sell similar items that hard to track with traditional bar coding means or if you carry lots of items that require extensive time inventorying them, using RFID for your business may be your solution.

As time goes by the use of RFID technology will decrease in overall costs. In fact, the cost of a RFID label has decreased less than 50% yearly for several consecutive years. Although the cost of bar codes is much cheaper, the information a single RFID system can create is somewhat limitless to the business owner’s imagination.

Working with an organization that specializes in RFID Solution technology can be very beneficial to a growing business, as well as to a thriving business. Currently the leading discount store in the country has found them selves diving into the RFID arena, and most likely for other retailers to keep up with the changing times they will most likely find themselves floating around in the RFID arena, as well.