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New "Blink" cards are nothing but credit cards with a RFID tag in them

Well we knew this day was coming but I didn't think it would happen this fast. According to reports in the Associated Press and the NY Times we are about to change the way credit cards are made. These new cards that are distributed through JP Morgan Chase & Co and will be tested in the Atlanta area and contain a RFID chip that will make purchasing goods and service easier.

These cards won't have to be swiped through a card reader like conventional cards do now. You can walk into the local 7 eleven and just walk up to the reader and the amount of your groceries will automatically be charged to your credit card. That's right there will be no pin to enter which will make it easier for thieves to run up your credit card when you lose your wallet. These cards will work just by passing near the RFID reader. When the light blinks you are being charged. I am sure the privacy issues activist will not like this card.

All Credit Cards Will Have RFID

One good thing to this card is that you will not have to wait in long lines when checking out. These credit cards will look the same as a regular credit card except they will have RFID embedded into them. As of this writing they are planning on testing about 400,000 of these cards in the Atlanta area. I am sure that more people will run up their credit card bills too as it is easier to make everyday purchases. This is the reason why credit card companies will adapt to this ASAP.

All it will take is to have your credit card a few inches away from the check out machine and your card will be charged as a light will blink and a sound will beep. What happens if you suddenly change your mind I have no idea? 

Just like when Wi-Fi was new you had people driving around the neighborhood looking for free internet access I am sure you will have criminals with portable RFID readers that will be looking to pick your pocket. Only time will tell, I am sure that we will be hearing about new crime waves towards this card. Oh and since they have your credit card information they also have your personal information. That is just a guess as I am not sure how much information will be stored on the chip.