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Think You are confused by all this technology jargon well we have prepared a list of useful RFID articles so you can get up to speed with all this technology

Wal-mart using RFID Technology
This will save them money in the long run. Less cost for bean counters and management.

RFID at the Airport - Using RFID for security purposes at an airport should be something that they should be thinking about.

RFID Info - Where will it show up next we have some news that you may be surprised at where you will see RFID in the future.

RFID Video - This video from Intermec will answer most of your questions about tags and what RFID is all about.

Amber Alerts - We should be tracking babies in the hospital so this doesn't happen again so easily.

RFID In Healthcare - What uses does RFID technology bring to the field of medicine. You may be surprised at what they are using it for.

Verichip RFID chips
These medical chips will change the future.

Human Radio Frequency Chips
Changing the way medical records are stored.

RFID at Circuit City -We seen it for ourselves with our new wireless router purchase.

Active Tags Vs Passive Tags -All you needed to know here about the differences between these two type of tags.

RFID Readers - All the different types of readers are here. If you are in supply management you need to learn about these.

RFID Solutions - What type of RFID does your company need the best way is to ask someone that has it already. You can learn from their mistakes and that will save you money when you implement RFID.

RFID Poker Chips - The casinos can track a players habits and employees also. This will save the casino's money and reward their best players better.

Luggage Tags - RFID in airline luggage tags will save the airlines in the long run but who is going to pay for them.

RFID Smart Tags - Where is these smart tags being used it might just surprise you.

RFID Applications - What will it take before RFID becomes accepted in the marketplace? Guess what it is already accepted. You are already missing the boat.

Contactless Cards - What are they calling these RFID tags now.

RFID Generation 2 Standard Chips - These chips will make RFID used more for international shipping.

Oracle RFID Framework - They are partnering with Intel to make a new Database Enterprise

Blink Cards - Credit cards are a thing of the past as we know them. New cards will have a chip. You won't even have to swipe it at the counter.

RFID Questions - We get some strange RFID questions in Email that we would like to share.

Low Cost RFID -As the price of chips becomes cheaper to make they will pop up in new places that we wouldn't expect it.

IBM Commercial  - Watching television and a commercial comes on for RFID what are the odds of that.

RFID For Dummies - If you want to learn about RFID in simple terms this is the place to start.

RFID Passports - These can hold a great detail of information and can help secure the country but can they be used by the bad guys to kidnap you while you are abroad.

RFID Websites - Learn all there is to know about RFID using these websites that have helped me over the years.

Is RFID going away we don't think so since this technology is being used more and more everyday. If you have an RFID link be sure to let us know and we will post this information.