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RFID what is RFID technology anyway

Everyone wants to know what RFID or Radio Frequency Identification is. We are hear to tell you all about RFID and RFID Tags and how it will affect you. RFID is a technology that when it is used it can track anything whether that be people (yes we said people) or products in a warehouse.

By placing an RFID tag on something or somebody for that matter it can be tracked to its exact location through RFID readers or by satellite tracking. The technology is limitless and that it is just plain scary to some privacy advocates and who can blame them. There are plenty of people that think there should be privacy laws set up and we can't blame them one bit. This website is not designed to be pro or con RFID technology just to give some facts on what RFID is.

As RFID technology develops you will see it more and more in the news. Currently the latest news on RFID is coming from Wal Mart which is using it to track pallets received in their warehouses. As more and more companies see the rewards of this RFID technology they will be using it also.

What is a RFID Tag

Using RFID tag in this capacity makes it harder for merchandise to "fall off the truck" as they use to say. This will save millions in the long run for companies like Wal Mart. There will be less of a need for people to count individual boxes on the stores shelves and in the warehouses.

Currently some of the larger uses of RFID are tracking cattle I am guessing this is how they found out which cows were where when they were checking for mad cow disease. This RFID technology is growing so fast that listing uses here would be useless and outdated very quickly so we will set up a page listing more uses.

We can see labor movement changing as more and more companies adopt to using RFID instead of barcodes as they do now. They can use RFID to track the movement of trucks and trailers in real time. This is really dangerous to drivers as they can track you even when you stop for coffee. We would like to hear what you think about the subject of RFID. Join our new RFID blog and let us know what you think.

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